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Brave New World 

'Brave New World' is a virtual group show by Nospace, curated by Kinga Pilarska and Nina Bressler.


'2020 was a year that brought everything to a halt. The world stopped, but creativity didn’t. We wanted to turn a hopeless situation into something positive. We wanted to grab the opportunities that a society in lockdown presented to us and do what best we could in our present moment.' extract from cataloge.

Essential, Oil and Spray Paint on Canvas

A-Z Online Exhibition G - Gesture

During lockdown 44AD launched a series of online group exhibition working from A to Z, with a theme assigned to each letter and a guest curator taking part. Essential, oil on canvas, 65x71cm, 2020 was selected for 'A-Z Online Exhibition G - Gesture', which was curated by Melissa Wraxall. 

23/06/2020 - Ongoing

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Air Gallery Open 2019

'Impulse' is on display as a part of the third annual Air Gallery Open in Altrincham, Manchester. 

'The AIR Open 2019' at AIR Gallery, 30 Grosvenor Road, Altrincham, WA14 1LD, 22/08/2019 - 21/09/2019


Air Gallery Open 2018

Ratio Study, 2018, will be displayed as part of The AIR Open 2018 in AIR Gallery in Altrincham, Manchester. The AIR Open 2018 is open to visual artists from across the globe working in any artistic medium.

'The AIR Open 2018' at AIR Gallery, The Warehouse, 30 Grosvenor Road, Altrincham, WA14 1LD, 09/08/2018 - 29/09/2018


Pavilion of Painting at Festival Arts Bath

The ‘Pavilion of Painting’, an experimental art space with a focus on painting
in its widest form, from drawing to performance, figurative painting or landscape to abstraction.

A space for the imagination, encouraging and reflecting, with a knowing reference to a biennale pavilion or the Royal Academy ‘Summer Show’, a large open invitation and invited artists group show, and an artist residency programme on site.

The ‘Pavilion of Painting’ a survey of painting today, so vibrant in the area of Bath, Bristol and South West and celebrating collaboration with galleries and art schools: ‘a space for the imagination and a place for everyone to explore.’

Curated by David Moxon & Neil Fuller

“Pavilion of Painting” at Festival Arts Bath, 1st floor, 15 New Bond St, BA1 1BA, 26/05/2018 – 10/06/2018


Long List Jackson Open Painting Prize 

Long listed for the Jackson Open Painting Prize with (left) 'Ratio' Oil on Canvas and Spray Paint, 2017 and 'Candy' Oil on Canvas and Spray Paint, 2017.


Scenes from a Virtual Journal

Scenes from a Virtual Journal is a series of paintings by Rose Parker based on language collected from the Facebook posts of her grandmother’s travels in the Arctic Circle.

Rose was intrigued by what her grandmother wrote while travelling because her use of social media was atypical. Most people use photos and captions when posting about their travels, but Rose’s grandmother was unable to do this, as she felt that her camera was repeatedly failing to produce the images she wanted to create. Instead she resorted to language, in order to convey, not just what she saw, but her emotional responses

Rose thought it would be an interesting experiment to see if she could become a substitute for her grandmother’s camera and turn her descriptions into a visual representation of her experiences. Rose wanted a tangible link between her grandmother’s writing and her paintings and has created, in her works, a typography from words found within the original source text.​


The Stone Space, 6 Church Lane, London, E11 1HQ, 09/03/2017 - 02/04/2017

Meet the Artist Saturday 18th March 3 -4pm


Thursdays and Fridays between 2-6pm

Saturdays 12am-5pm and Sundays 12-4pm


Language of Self

Gallery OX49 is a new space in Icknield Community College where in November 2016 I ran a mono printing work shop with the aim of introducting the students to new techniques and new methods for explore self portraiture. Language of Self is mixture between my own work and pieces that where created by the students during the workshop. The aim of the space is to encougre students to be proud of their work in a professional space. 


Gallery OX49

Icknield Community College

Love Ln,


OX49 5RB

03/02/2017 - 04/04/2017

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Pour, Stitch, Press, Repeat

Pour, Stitch, Press, Repeat brings together the work of four artists Gayathri Anand, Liza Mackintosh, Charlotte Munro and Rose Parker. All of their practices operate in the field of painting and strong connections to processes and mark making. Each artist has a distinct relationship with the way in which they use and respond to marks and gestures. However, in all of the work these forms and shapes are not defined by the landscapes they are situated in, but set the boundaries of their own space.


PSW Project Space

Rum Factory Studios, Unit 4 Pennington Street Warehouse, Pennington Street, London E1W 2BD


PV Thursday 7th April 6 – 9pm

Friday 10am – 5pm

Saturday 10am – 4pm

Sunday 10am – 1pm


Nottingham City Arts, Young Producers Exhibition, Free Frame

This was a group exhibition by Nottingham City Arts held in their space in Hockley. The work Exhibited was Use Up Until, Mono Print on Graph Paper, 2015. It is an interactive piece that looks to engage the viewer in different way of physically reading.


City Arts (Nottingham), 11-13 Hockley, Nottingham, NG1 1FH

28th - 30th November 2015


Link to Nottingham City Arts, Young Producerses Exhibition, Free Frame.


Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair

Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair is a group show of recent graduates organised by Candid Arts Trust. Week one is made up of fine art graduates and week two is made up of design graduates. 


3 Torrens Street, Angel, London, EC1V 1NQ


Week one: 21th - 22nd November 2015. PV 20th November 5 - 9pm


Works on Paper

Works on Paper was a group exhibition organised by Pintora Art. All of the work in the show was 2-D preliminary or finished works on paper. 


Shoreditch Arts Club 

94 Leonard Street 



29th October- 30th October 2015


Whittingdale Residency Show at Art Licks Weekend 2015

Image by Lou Macnamara


The Whittingdale residency takes place in various locations all over London. The artist take part in workshops and crits that explore making art today. With s final show and collaboration at Art Licks Weekend 2015. 


Artists taking Involved 


Carolina Escobar-Diaz, Kerri Jefferis, Sophie Chapman, Rosa Nussbaum, Lou Macnamara, Georgia Gendall, Bryony Hussey, Andra Raduca, Edwin Mingard, Rebecca Sangster, Alice Woods, Tuli Litvak, Helen Hamilton, Chris Alton, Rose Parker, Oliver Hickmet, Josh Parker, Angus Frost


Clyde & Co. Art Award 2015-2016

The Clyde & Co. Art Award is a collection of graduate art work housed at their main building in Algate, London. Artists in the award also take part in a mentoring and workshop programme, which focuses on art law and creative entrepreneurship. 


Sink, Oil on canvas, 200x140cm, 2015, will be apart of the collection until 2016. 


Un Common Ground

We are a group of Wimbledon Painting students who have produced a group show, investigating the differences in our work. Each of our practices has its own distinct method of working that contrasts with each other's: the spontaneous vs. the formulaic, the natural vs. the kitsch. The expanded field of painting is a current theme that is being explored a lot in contemporary art. This is reflected in this exhibition through works that incorporate elements such as the sculptural and the photographic. 


Artists Involved 


Anna Dakin  Gayathri Anand  Rose Parker  Summer Oxley


SU Exhibition Space, Chelsea College of Art, London.

13th November - 21st November 2014. 



Refuse/Reuse was a group pop up show organized by Pocket Arts London. The exhibition looked to the different ways in which artist's explored the ideas of re-using and recycling. 


46 Thurloe Street, South Kensignton, London 




Fi Rooney curated this exhibition as a continuation of the exchanges between students that were created during our Erasmus in Milano. For this show all of the artists submitted work made during our time on Erasmus. I summited an sound piece called ‘Inventory’.


Artists Involved 


Kasia Gers, Giovanni Di Legami, Michaela Čížková, Christopher Hartmann, Rose Parker, Sinead Purcell, Kaylin Costello, Fi Rooney


Thursday 4th December


The Old A4 Art Space, Thomas Street, Dublin, Ireland


Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse is a collaborative project by students from Wimbledon College of Art that aims to challenge the way we interact with our own and other artists works. The concept of the exhibition comes from the surrealist game Exquisite Corpse, or Consequences, where images or texts are created by each player taking it in turns to add to a sheet of paper or drawing. In our project each person involved has donated a past or present piece which they consider to be unfinished or which they feel they can take no further. From here another project member takes the piece on and re works or re invents it until they feel it has become a realised work. However, if they feel that the piece still needs work and they are unable to take it to a conclusion it is passed onto the next group member until the work is complete. The exhibition explores ownership of collective art and how different practices can interact and influence one another. Works exhibited also include pieces from the artists’ own practices, so that there can be an extended understanding of the dialogues between the works. 


Artists Involved


Gayathri Anand   Lucy Cox   Anna Dakin   Paige Davies 

Sula Hancock   Charlie Munro   Sarah Palmer   Rose Parker 

Holly Rees   Summer Oxley


At Islington Arts Factory Friday 21st - Friday 28th Feb 

Private View Friday 21st 7pm-9pm


Erasmus Student Exhibition

From 16th to 21th of June a group of Erasmus students from Brera had an exhibition at Ex Chiesa di San Carpoforo – Via Marco Formentini – 20121 Milano. The exhibition space was a large and beautiful dis used church 5 mins from the school. For the show I displayed my work ‘Explain’ among a mixture of paintings, videos, graphics, photography, fashion, sculpture and performance.

From March till July 2014 I was living in Milan while studying at Brera Academy of Art.